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protable pen type ph&orp meter CT-6821
No.: BPH-6821   
price: Be able to see price after verify
The instrument housing waterproof design of acidimeter, LCD display. Small size, portable, measuring at any time more convenient to use. Low power consumption, high accuracy, wide measurement range, the electrode can be replaced.
Backlight ATC ph tester 2011
No.: BPH2011   
price: Be able to see price after verify
This is an economic type ph meter with high precision,digital readout, large LCD display screen, backlit screen and high sensitivity. Very convenient to test ph value for lab and industry and other aspects, because of the cabinet appearance and light weight.
Waterproof duplay digital PH meter and Temperature Meter
No.: BPH035   
price: Be able to see price after verify
Measuring range
±0.1 PH
Automatic Temperature Compensation
High accurate waterproof handy ph meter,orp meter and tem meter
No.: BPH099   
price: Be able to see price after verify
mV 0~±1999mV
pH 0.00 to 14.00 pH
Temperature 0 to 55°C
mV 1 mV
pH 0.01 pH
Temperature 0.1°C
mV ±5mV
pH ±0.1 pH
Temperature ±1°C
Temperature Compensation 0 to 50°C
Digital Waterproof ph tester meter
No.: BPH009(III)   
price: Be able to see price after verify
The PH507 Dual level LCD display
Automatic temperature compensation
Replaceable pH electrodes
To measure pH, simply switch on and dip into the sample -
the pH reading is instantly displayed together with the
temperature of the sample on the easy to read, clear LCD digital display.

Digital Pen Type ph tester meter
No.: BPH009   
price: Be able to see price after verify
1)Measuring range: 0.0-14.0PH
2)Accuracy: ±1PH
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