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Combustible Natural Gas Propane Leak Detector Tester Detector
No.: BJ8800A
Weight: 750 g
price: Be able to see price after verify
Product description

- Hand-hold design allows you operating easily and the visual and acoustical alarm can detect the gas resource precisely. And the adjustable beep rate helps to decrease the polluted gas density in the air.
- High sensitivity
- Quick find the resource of leakage
- Indicating the leakage via alarming bulb
- High precision sensor able to detect slight gas leakage
- Quick response
- Monophony earphone socket
- 16-inch long goose neck

Sensitivity : 50ppm Methane
Ensor Type : Low Power Semiconductor
Warm-up Time : 60 seconds approx (25°C, 60% RH environment)
Response Time : 2 seconds
Operation Cycle: Continual Operation
Sensor Size: 16 Inches
Power Supply : 3 C Batteries
Battery Life : Continual Use For 8 Hours(varying with operating status)
Alarm Limit : Lel 10% Of Methane
Low battery indication: 3±0.2V
Operating environment temperature:0~52°C
Detectable control
Sensor reset
Power & Alarm LED indication

20PCS, 55*31*32CM, 15KG

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